Setup & Local


Garden Setup. We do the heavy lifting. We setup the gardens: indoor, outdoor, rooftop, vertical... anywhere there is under-utilized space, that comply with your requirements and meet office covenants.

Garden Options. Choose from a variety of in-ground raised beds and a wide variety of ready-made or custom container gardens that are available in soil based, hydroponic and aquaponic mediums.

Local. Fundamental to our sustainable mission and values, we purchase products and materials and  subcontract services locally whenever possible. 


Facilitation & Support


Events. Participants gather for the on-site with our Garden Genius for the Kickoff where teams plant the gardens and at monthly Lunch & Learns for fun interactive and educational events.

Services Team Trio. Our Garden Geniuses share their expertise at events and online. Engagement Managers are with you every step of the way to facilitate the program and show ROI. And our Sales Reps build our global community.

Turnkey. Everything is included… from aprons to zucchini seeds, we provide the support and tools you need throughout the program to ensure success!



Teams: Employee for teams and each tends a garden.

Activities: Everyone completes fun activities to tend the gardens during a healthy break at work.

Gardens: We offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor garden solutions.

Collaborative: Employees engage in the gardens, at on-site events and online… it's the new water cooler.


Outdoor: Optimized to your local region.

Indoor: Year round with rotating 'tag-teams'.


The value we bring starts with improving the health of people: you, your employees and the community around you. 

We deliberately designed an environmentally and socially conscious business model.

We also understand the demands of the business and provide data-driven executive reports on participation and ROI. Every aspect of our model is sustainable - from the environment to engagement. CorpCROP benefits the spectrum we touch.