Sustainability is the purpose of every element of our model


Mission. To bring truly sustainable wellness to the workplace that improves the lives of employees, supports the environment, benefits local communities and positively impacts the bottom line.

Vision. To be Vision. To be the world leader sustainable wellness programs creating positive impact, global collaboration and realizing triple bottom line benefits.


Triple Bottom Line. As a social enterprise business decisions are made with consideration of impact to people, our planet and the profit of both our company and all of our clients.

At our core, maintaining and supporting sustainability on the micro (local) and macro (global) levels are key elements to our values and business model.

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What is Sustainable Wellness? Sustainability is often used in the context of the environment; which is included, though it extends beyond our planet. 

A truly sustainable program is holistically self-sustaining. Employees want to participate so engagement is sustainable. Green, so it is environmentally sustainable. Philanthropic, so it is socially sustainable. Benefits our and our clients' bottom lines so it is economically sustainable.