The Problems

Prolonged Sitting. (a.k.a. Sitting is the new Smoking) On average we sit for 8 hours which is linked to the increased risk of cancer, obesity and heart disease.1

Low Participation. Despite the fact that most companies offer one or more wellness programs, participation still hovers around a meager 50%.

Carrot & Stick. In watching how people's brains respond, "Promising them monetary rewards and giving them cocaine or nicotine… [their brain response] look disturbingly similar."2

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Our Solution

Healthy Active Breaks. Step outside and re-energize with fun garden and social activities in your on-site edible gardens. (Exercise without spandex!)

Meaningful & Rewarding. Literally see the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor. Grow, harvest, enjoy and share the food that benefits your health, the environment and your community.

Intrinsic Motivation. Our sustainable, educational and collaborative program organically attracts our multi-generational, highly-skilled and creative workforce for long-term engagement.

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